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 Date: 6/11/06

 Title: Just a reminder

Just thought I'd take a moment to remind you guys about the message board. For those of you who regularily come to this site but havent visited the message board, I'd encourage you to check it out and join in the good conversation with other DBZ fans.

 Date: 3/12/06

 Title: Oolong, makes a freaky appearance

So, another clip of the Original Live action Dragonball Movie is back by popular demand. If you wish to see Oolong in his live action form...well this is probably the only place on the net you'll find it,  in fact I can pretty much gaurantee it. To see it click on the Feature Z section.

 Date: 1/29/06

 Title: Janemba!

Its not often I make a post about one of the movies that are coming out on DVD for Dragonball Z.  Im not much for making a spectacle out of something everyone probably already knows about. But this is a little different, this has been a favorite of fans for years, I have been blessed to have owned a tape of it for a long time.  Movie 13- releasing  March 28, 2006.  Janemba!

 Date: 12/11/05

 Title: Merry Christmas!

I figured this will probably be the only time until after Christmas that I update again(busy schedule coming up). As I said, I definitely have another clip of the old Dragonball live action movie for you guys, its in the Feature Z section for you to download, this one is much more entertaining then the last, as you'll see with Goku(monkey boy) and his Grandpa fighting it out!  E-mail me your comments! Also, thanks goes to Dragonlady over at the message board for allowing me to use her image for the temporary top logo on the site and letting me edit it a bit!

 Date: 11/19/05


Yes, its true, I have a clip for you of a Dragonball Live action movie. The only problem is....that its not what your expecting. This is an older movie based on the original series. You will need to go to the Feature Z section to see the first provided clip. I plan on providing more in the future(of some "ACTION" next time).

 Date: 11/03/05

 Title: Its novemeber already?!?!

Wow, its November already. I don't really have a Dragonball update for you today. But I really wanted to put something on the website. So I found these funny videos clips (they are not DBZ or music videos just funny clips) to link you guys too,  make sure you have broadband when viewing these, Dial up simply will not work.

Yoda, keeping it real


 Date: 10/04/05

 Title: its finally time...

Yes, a new music video is finally out!  It has been years since my last DBZ one (Set Aside the Pride). This new one is called "Beloved". You will find it in the music videos section at the bottom. After you download it, please read the attached file because it explains the video.

 Date: 9/22/05

 Title: caring...

So as Hurricane Rita closes in on Texas/Gulf Coast, I wanted to take the time to offer up a prayer for those who are still there and may not make it out. I hear the hurricane is slowly dropping in wind speeds, and hopefully will continue that way. But in either case...

Lord, I've done a lot of praying for a lot of people tonight, but specifically I ask for the people who are in the path of the hurricane would be touched by your hand, That you would let people there know that you are there with them, that even a hurricane can't keep you from being there with them. I ask that your presence would decend on all those who will fearfully ask for a future and a hope, that you would grant that to them. And to anyone who prays in agreement, please strengthen their request twenty five fold. I ask that your angels would stand in attention and mount an assault against any dangers taking place on the people in the area. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Thanks Guys!

 Date: 9/4/05

 Title: lost progress

About the music video im working on, I had the computer I'm working on crash on me while I was in the middle of saving my project file, I lost a lot of what I had done. However, there was an old backup save I was able to get. So I've had to restart at about 20% done instead of 65% done. I've been working though(slowly) so im probably close to 30% done right now. It has set back my release date back from what I previously said.

Onto the good news, the Message Board is back up thanks to Shawn at Genesis-Designs for helping to set it up. Please join and post.

 Date: 8/25/05

 Title: I added some coloring pages

I decided to take the time to add some coloring pages. They can be fun, especially if you are the kind of person who just likes to fill things in, instead of trying to draw complicated Dragon Ball Z pictures. Also im working on a Music video,  I'm really hoping I can complete it by the end of September if not then, at least a little after. And for a special'll see why eventually!

 Date: 8/12/05

 Title: Dragon Ball Z Live Action Movie by Fox...

I know many months ago it was something that had a lot of people excited. A possibility for a Live Action Dragon Ball Z movie, some of you may know but some of you may not know that while Fox aquired the rights to this, and there were talks between various companies about the production of this. It never came to pass (some of which is due to the fading popularity of Dragon Ball Z), and I do not expect that it will ever come to pass. The only way a live action movie in America will ever be made of Dragon Ball Z is if popularity, or at least long term fans stay interested in DBZ for years to come. For example, Scooby Doo, which many years after the shows released, came out with a movie.

LOL, Dragon Ball Z was a movie in which rumors were flying about. Everyone and their monkeys uncle were guessing on who was going to star in it. Big name stars were presented Jackie Chan(Goku), Jessica Alba(Bulma), Shaq(Piccolo), etc. What nobody seemed to realized is that there is no way that all the big name stars they were naming would have never been casted. Anyways, it was a nice dream while it lasted right?

However, if any of you are interested, there WAS a live action Dragon Ball movie made some time ago called Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins. Although, I wouldn't put much stock into it, its not good at all.

 Date: 7/21/05

 Title: some news/update and an expression of faith

The downloads were down but thanks to animeomnislash for providing some bandwidth and allowing me to host the music videos, I've now got the downloads up and running again for awhile till I switch hosters. I also posted a few new episode summaries (154-156) in the Episode Summaries section. Also I'd really like to share with you guys an e-mail I sent out to about 30 or 40 people letting them know of a Church event that was coming up, because I got to say something that really flowed with what I was feeling in my heart at the time, and feel it is something everyone should read.

Subject: Refinery: Thursday 7/14/05 8:00pm

<<This week Bill is speaking at 8:00pm at Morningside Assembly of God(kids  corner), at this point I'm assuming it is Bill Davis unless I hear otherwise.

You know, our Lord is patient, but even for one to be patient still requires a deadline. For if one were to always push back a deadline no matter what, this would not be patience that would be neglect and reject.

Each of us is called by the Lord to SOMETHING,  for most it usually starts out as Salvation, the Lord offers himself to save you, there is a deadline on this though too.....your death, will your death come tommorow by car accident, or when your 70 years old, who knows for sure?  The Lord is definately most patient when it comes to salvation, but it is an ever changing deadline, determined by what happens tommorow, this patience that the Lord has for you if you are one of those people...don't abuse it.

For others the Lord has called you TOO something, this usually happens sometime after salvation, the Lord seems to oddly put something on your heart that you feel your "supposed" to do. God has patience with this....some are quick to the call, others come at last call.  

Pastor Bill Davis, whom I believe is speaking tommorow once told us about how he felt the call early on in his life to get into ministry, he knew it, yet he put it off,  he did sheet rocking and other various jobs, until one day when he is 40 something...decided to FINALLY do what he knows he was called to do.

Now by no means are we all called to ministry,  the bible says in 1Corinthians "Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles?" he is basically saying, not all of us get the same goal or job or walk of life.

But we are all called to SOMETHING,  God is a God who gives us " a future and a hope" says the bible.  Huh, thats interesting,  that means our God leads us....has plans for us, and seeks to give us what is best.

I know for some of you God has given you just an inkling in your mind of what he wants for you. Its something you think about every once in awhile, as if the thought of doing that SOMEDAY sustains you more than actually doing it.   

While I realize God is preparing some of you now for your future work,(usually this means you are in a state where you are seeking God, but not finding any have hope if this is are being prepared...God rarely shines light on and reveals to you the things you are not prepared for, but instead leaves you in the dark to trust him).

But others of you ARE prepared, I would ask that whatever that thing God has prepared you for, even if you are still yet unskilled at(no person comes into any trade or practice fully skilled...when you come out of college, do you know everything about your job before you have it? no). You may stumble and even fall and fail at what you set out to too,  that doesn't mean you werent meant to do something.

So I encourage everyone who reads this, seek out, step out, live out, what you have been preparing for, don't miss the deadline, because great opportunities can be lost.


"For the body does not consist of one member but of many"

1 Corinthians 12:14>>

For those of you who just read ALL that, thanks! I hope to post more stuff like that in the future, and will continue to intertwine my faith with the site. It'll just take awhile!

Date: 7/14/05

Title: uhh...uh...

Some of you may be asking, "Why can't I download your files?" the answer is the crazy thing known as "bandwidth". Which for this month and next month I have a limited amount. Near the end of this month the files will probably be back up once I determine how much I have left. On my current hoster, I am only allowed 40 gigs per month....well when I have all the files open for download I use 40 gigs in like 7 days. I have used 7 gigs of bandwidth this month so far, and that's with all the files down! So by the end of the month I figure I'll have used about 14 gigs,  so probably in the last 5 or 6 days I'll have the files open for download? prayerfully. Unless I decide to chuck out some money for the hoster I was gonna use early.  Which I might, im not fond of leaving all my files down like this for long periods.

Date: 7/10/05

Title: bringing things to better completion.

I decided that while I'm aquiring the dvd's I need to make the music videos I want (i don't want to use VHS recorded epsidoes anymore, it's too difficult to get the video quality to stay right...tapes get bad quickly...and the video capture card doesn't take that well). So I'm gonna spend some time on episode summaries. Today I posted episode summaries (I've ALWAYS wanted to bring that section to greater completion) that I wrote for episodes 111-114 and 223-226).

Date: 7/2/05

Title: Holy Bandwidth Batman!

Yes I realize its nearly an ENTIRE year since my last update. People really get thinking this site is dead if I am not updating, anyways. Thats not the case, although I may be changing some things. Anyways, do you guys realize you are sucking dry my bandwidth like crazy. Im not really sure exactly what to do with hosting (IT COSTS ALOT) but im working on it right now. But if you see stuff down and you can't download...hey....that might be why. LOL. I'm amazed that I still get as many hits a month as I do, its hard on my pocket.

The message board is also down for bandwidth reasons as well, im debating about whether to even open it again, if I do it will be different in some way.

Date: 7/14/04

Title: I have some "props" to give and some forum news

So the Message Board now has some new blood running it, I would like to thank "Super_Vegeta" (the webmaster of and "The Icey One" for taking over. I would also like to give thanks to a couple of long running admins "Axis", Ryan and "Eladar" who have spent much time working at the board and even though they became disheartened with the board, I wanna say I truly appreciated their efforts and dedication to the board and pray that the Lord give them great blessings in whatever they move on too.

Date: 5/30/04

Title: Updated the Bios section

I got the bios section updated, with a few new ones and a change on some old ones. The other ones are in progress and there will be more, they are in the "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys" section of my website. Also a friend of mine volunteered to do most of them and he wants suggestions on changes or etc. His e-mail is listed in the ones he has done.

Date: 4/12/04

Title: Reviewed Breakdown

I took some time out of my schedule to play and review Breakdown, of which I put in the Feature Z section of my site, if your curious on where I put the Cooler Reloaded video that was in the Feature Z, its in the music video section but I can't gaurantee it'll be there forever.

Date: 1/3/04

Title: Some links fixed and etc.

Well it's a new year and I got some links fixed and stuff, im also going to be posting some bios in the coming days.  LOL  wow come mid January my site will be over half a decade old.....over 5 years....  man time flies,  I've owned this website for over 25% of my life...blows my mind. Anyways, for those of you who like music video contests Majin Video Awards is coming up and I hope you all check it out. I might post SOMETHING on this sites anniversary but I really don't like to make promises I can't necessarily keep especially when im going to be out of town that very so yea.

Date: 12/18/03

Title: WOW tons of links broken!! HELP ME RESTORE!

Holy cow,  just checked my links section...practically all my links to other sites are it looks like its finally time to do some link restoring! But the only way I can get the good links are from YOU the  hmm...I sound professional....anyways  If you know of some good sites, e-mail me with the subject line LINKS and I'll check them out in the coming days. ALSO added a new "news" section... whats it for? well I took the basic format for it from GameFaqs...obviously I wont post to it as often as them...but as I get new information I'll post news if it doesn't work out I'll just remove it... we'll just have to wait and see.

Date: 11/04/03

Title: Contest is still goin on

The Fantastic Four is still going on, head over to the message board. Also a lot of people are questioning me if im gonna be making more music videos?  the answer is yes I've actually got a couple of projects im working on now...however I got a big church video project im starting in a couple of days and that will majorily slow down my progress on the current music video. I'd say projected time would be sometime in December till a video is done? and its not gonna be a groundbreaking video. Just another "fun" video.   LOL hey..maybe you'll get lucky and I'll post a couple of my Church videos that I've done(they are actually pretty good/funny).

Date: 9/12/03

Title: Contest One is about to begin!

The First Contest is about to begin,   Monday Sept 15th.  Head to the message board on that day and be ready to download and cast your vote. Then not long after the 3 other remaining contests will happen.

Date: 8/17/03

Title: No more room in the music contests

All the available slots in the FF are completely filled. Not much news other than that. Future updates about TFF will be in the TFF section so be sure to look there instead of on the main site.

Date: 7/29/03

Title: My First Music Video Contest!!!(yelling loudly...yelling)

The very first music video contest of my site is coming, it will feature all anime, there will be 4 mini-bouts before it reachest the final contest that will be on my site. The contest is called "The Fantastic Four" for this reason. The qualifying contests will take place on my message board. Go to the bottom of that page to go to the section. The first fight starts Sept 15th so if you want to try your hand at it and see if you can join head there. Now I know some of you are probably thinking "hey....I wanna join but I don't have a music video ready yet" well there is 4 contests the final one will be in November so you have some time to prepare if you think your music video you made is good enough.

In the next couple of days I will create a TFF(the fantastic four) section on the site with some semi-regular updates on whats happening and also rules. So come on back.

Date: 7/07/03

Title: Hum, Hum, Hum...

I finally fixed the broken links for the music in the sounds section. The songs that are fixed are the "Rock the Dragon" and the "I Love Mr. Piccolo" songs. If you have any suggestions for songs I should add to that section, e-mail me and let me know.

Date: 6/13/03

Title: Yes..Friday the 13th...and another new Feature Z!

First off I want to let you know I got the clip I need for the re-do of the Vegetas Pride video thanks to a friend. But the real news of this update is if you quickly check the Feature Z section you'll find a little video project I was working on that I finished up, its not a music video like you might be thinking. I hope you like it,  e-mail me to let me know what you think.

Date: 4/20/03

Title: Finally a new M-Vid....

I put up a new music video in my "other vids" section. I've worked hard on it, however the song was EXtremely difficult to time too, I think you'll understand if you see it because the beats are often a 4 frame edit unlike a usual 1 or 2 frame edit and finding the appropriate clips to fit without speeding up or slowing down the video is quite difficult. So its far from my best video, but I think if your into hard metal rock you like it, its mainly just an action video, I hadn't done one in a long time and I thought G Gundam would be a nice video to do one too.  Little did I know the song I picked out would be so atrociously difficult to time the clips too and that it would take me 5 times as long to make the video even decently timed as I thought it would take.

What im most looking forward too now is moving onto my next project, what is that next project?  To be honest im not completely sure, I was gonna fix-up vegetas pride with high quality clips etc.  And I have all the clips I would need on tape for me to capture onto my computer except for one, which is when Majin Buu tackles Vegeta while he is stalling time for Goku to make the spirit bomb and Majin buu sits on his chest and is smacking Vegetas face around. If anyone out there who has a video capture card and this on either dvd or vhs would be willing to cap it for me in 320x240 30fps and send it to me, it would be most appreciated.  If I can't get ahold of this clip I'll just move onto a different project I suppose.

Date: 3/25/03

Title: Some Fanart for ya.

I added some new drawings to fanart page 2 of the fanart section that were sent into me. Head there to check em out. Also, I would like to give a shout out to Fox FM radio of Australia, which I am told is a popular radio company in Australia, for mentioning my site in one of their broadcasts as a good place to go if you're a DBZ fan. Thanks for giving me the heads up on this info.

Date: 3/01/03


Well once again just like many other times in the history of my site, its been a few months since my last update. This isnt the first time this has happened and its not the last. I don't have much new to offer you at the time other than a new feature z which is just a simple website link but me some time till I come up with something new....still working on that music video, it was very near completion but I realized there is a ton of timing errors...i cant have that. So I'll be posting again in a couple days hopefully and let ya know how things are going.

Date: 12/27/02

Title: Mm...not much news to report..just this glaring picture of Goku!

Nothing new really,  im working on a non-dbz music video(the reason im posting this knowledge is cause I get asked on an hourly basis when im online). But I would like to thank SinisterSaiyan.Com for being a download mirror for my music videos!  Much Appreciated!

Date: 11/30/02

Title: And the winner of Fight Club is.....DANNYPOO! YAY!

Its now official, I was able to pull off the win of Fight Club at Majin Planet and I'd like to thank all those who voted for me during the contest!  and...what else... OH in about a week I'll be taking down the old feeder video in the retired vids section of the music video area and if you havent seen it I suggest you do even if you download it just to see the little commercial I included with it.

Also, my hits have been increasing dramatically lately, doubling...and downloads have doubled as well and it ate up my bandwidth like crazy, so much so that I had to switch to a higher hosting plan that is costing me nearly twice what I was paying. And the only reason im bring this up is because when you guys click on my helps me pay for the site, I would appreciate it if you guys helped by occasionally clicking on the banners(it only counts unique hits so if you go and click it a million times it wont matter).  I don't like making this kind of post...but this is something I may have to do more often if my hits don't come down and I continue to use up so much bandwidth.

Date: 11/12/02

Title: Dragonball Z is nearing its up...GT

For those of you who don't know Dragonball Z is on its last episodes and Funimation is preparing for this, here is some news I got in the mail which is part of the Prime Anime Report.

 The wait is almost over. Dragon Ball GT is coming to the United States. We just started production on this eagerly awaited continuation of the Dragon Ball Z saga.
   We are very excited about Dragon Ball GT because we know how much our fans are looking forward to its release. As a matter of fact, of the 100,000 plus fans that answered our Dragon Ball GT poll, an astounding 96% already plan to watch GT. Sonny Strait, the voice of Krillin, has taken on the directorial role for Dragon Ball GT.
   The first home video release is scheduled for early spring of 2003, so get ready as FUNimation takes Dragon Ball Z to the next level with Dragon Ball GT.

So that's some good news for those of you who have maybe waited years for GT to come to the U.S. Also I updated the fanart section with some new images but other than that....nothing new at the moment.

Date: 10/09/02

Title: Final Round...moment of truth

Final round at MajinPlanet is here...and its me vs. Neogohan and it's a very very close fight Here is the page to go there and vote for either mine(set aside the pride) or Neogohans video whichever you honestly believe is best.  If you would like to see what other rounds I whent through to get here, go here and ONCE again I greatly thank those of you who voted for me to help me get to the final round, your participation greatly helps.

Date: 10/01/02

Title: Round 2....fight club

For those of you who don't know I made it to round 2 of fight club and I wanna say thanks to all of you for voting for my Set Aside the Pride video!! Ok so now MajinPlanet has round 2 up and im hoping you all will go vote in that too.

Ok  sound in this round it is me(DannyPoo) vs. Hot Ice Hilda so once again go vote for me or him, whichever video you believe is best. Click here to go there

Also I don't wanna forget, if you wanna see the main page of the fight club, click here, from there you can also vote in the other fight going on.

Date: 9/13/02

Title: While waiting for the first round of fight club to end...

NEW FEATURE Z!!! I decided to post this since im waiting for the next round of fight club(by the way thank you to all of you who have participated and I hope those of you who did particpate will particpate in the next round when I post it) anyways if you head to the feature z section you'll find a commercial I saw on tv of DBZ movie 6.

Date: 9/4/02

Title: Preparing for fight club

A somewhat interesting update today, fight club started which is at MajinPlanet, of which I submitted my "Set Aside the Pride" video for fun, its not my best video even though it appeared to go over very well with the fans but it'll be interesting to see how it does. For those of you who don't know what fight club is, it is sort of a music video contest. So my suggestion? head there, vote for me if you think my video was better but be sure to check out the competition before you vote and don't be afraid to vote against me but also don't be afraid to vote for me.


So anyways over the next couple of days I'll let you know how I do and give you the link on where to go to vote me periodically and hopefully I'll at least make it to the second round.

Here is where you can vote for me or the other video in Round 1


Date: 8/17/02

Title: Two new things for ya

It's been years since I released more than one music video at once, well today is the second time this happens,  I re-released Feeder which you can find in the retired vids section. I fixed the timing, improved the video and audio quality but that's about it, it's still a quite dated video but still pretty decent. The reason I chose that vid in peticular is because I have received many requests for that vid in peticular.

The second vid is actually a non-dbz vid, it is to 08th ms team(the anime that was on cartoon network a couple of months ago) of which you can find in the nondbz video section in the music vids area. Well hope you like it if you didn't , that's ok I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it like I do my other vids, but I also tried something new not done by other anime music video makers before(to my knowledge) you'll see what I mean.

Date: 8/7/02

Title: This site needs a little rejuvination

The message board has been a great success(despite some downtime due to my server upgrading) so that is a very nice addition to my site. But I decided I want to add some more to my site so I've fixed up the design on the episode summaries page and have been adding more summaries. I realize that episode summaries arent exactly a great importance to a lot of people on the site but I also know of a lot of people who use episode summaries they find on the net for information and I want to make sure that type of information is available even in it's hideously uncompleted form.

Date: 7/28/02

Title: Everything turned out Great!

I guess more people liked my new video than I thought would. So much so I was shocked by the number of e-mails I received(nearly a thousand). I also had a lot of e-mails from people telling me I was underating myself. Which I have probably underated myself actually in at least the last 3 music videos I've made. It's just a natural tendancy I have.

Right now what im looking to do to improve on this site is to once again get a message board going. If anyone has any suggestions on some good sites that offer free message boards or etc. please contatct me asap by e-mail or AOL IM. AND pretty soon I plan on re-releasing an old retired vid of mine that I have been e-mailed a lot about recently(yes...I do read almost all my e-mails, I just don't respond to all of them). It will be a fixed up version so I re-capped all the video clips and it will be in similar quality to Set Aside The Pride and the "My Resolution" video.

*new update added 3:47 Central Time

I found a message board system I liked so go view it and register on it by going to the message board section!

Date: 7/7/02

Title: "Set Aside The Pride"

The clock sure has turned hasn't it?  It has been nearly a year since my last music video(which was september of 2001). The good news is that there is finally a new music video for you to download, the bad news just like my last video is that I can't gaurantee you'll like it. Now I remember just waiting for possibly even hate mail to come in on my last music video and instead all I received were incredibly kind responses about the emotional power of that video and how much it touched others. Which I am still daily receiving e-mail about "My Resolution" and it has become probably one of my top music videos.

There is less chance of receiving a response like that this time, the new video, "Set Aside The Pride"  is not intended to be the same kind of emotional video that "My Resolution" was, it's more like a drama video than an emotional video, with the almost pure intention of making people see a different side of Vegeta and hopefully allowing you to understand him even more. Im hoping this comes across well, and I look forward greatly to e-mail responses on this newest video.

Date: 6/13/02

Title: Brand new day

It's once again time for another Feature Z moment......this feature z I present to you with the original japanese version of gohan going SS2. what I did was overlay the audio from my fansubs and the video of the dub(for improved quality). I've actually had it on my computer for awhile but I just havent put it up yet.

I just noticed today that Ginga Giri Giri and old dbz site(around 3 years) or so recent died as well....I didn't know this cause I very very rarely go to it. But it's interesting to know that Castor Troy gave it up.....granted he said he stopped having interest in the site but me as a webmaster have found lack of interest many many times but something still drives me back to this site. I respect his choice though, as I don't know what kind of circumstances he is in. As time goes by though im quickly discovering just how much of an oldie I am on the web, few dbz webmasters stick around this long.  Dare I say im the oldest dbz site still around?  no cause there are a few others that are older. Granted my media is few and far between as well as my updates and my information is somewhat belated, outdated, and overated. But im still here, been here since Jan of 1999 and that's a long time, all of 99, all of 2000, all of 2001, and so far all of 2002. Do you think I plan on going many more years?  ya betcha.

Date: 5/20/02

Title: Still moving stuff...but moving stuff in and not out

I've been working on that music video I mentioned before....still no release date set simply because of its complex nature im not sure when I will finish/release it. Time will tell all I guess, technically it is near completion however I've run into a few snags(I don't have a lot of time to capture clips for it).

There is also a new virus circulating out there that is coming under the alias of my e-mail address, I have checked and it's never coming from my IP so the virus just blankets my e-mail address over theirs. So if you get an E-mail that appears to be coming from me, do not download any attachements.

Date: 4/8/02

Title: Moving on out

Im moving on out of my old house so I havent and won't have a lot of time to work on this site at all for awhile. I'll do what I can though.  LOL also I've been busy(thanks to my friend Tex) playing DoD which is a world war 2 MOD for half-life like crazy if you happen to be on one of the DoD servers that im playing on my name is "Private Poo" im not very good at it as well so you'll recognize me by that as well lol. I also have been playing the teamfortress and the counterstrike add-on and regular half-life multiplay. My name is DannyPoo on those so if your out there and see me, give me a shout out, I've already had some people see me on there and had some nice convos.

For those of you who have been waiting since I think September since my last music vid release I will let you know that I am working on another however like I mentioned before I haven't and won't have much time for it either so don't expect it done for awhile.

Date: 3/28/02

Title: Focus.....Focus.......

Well, I was reading an interview with Chris Sabat(voice of Vegeta) at and I found some interesting are a few exerpts from the interview

Q: Do you plan on being in the live action movie, or anything else?

A: I plan on playing the part of Mr. Popo in the live action movie. Or at least I'd want to be. I hope you will see me in many more shows.

ok....If your wondering why I posted this is because im unsure about whether he is serious or just messing with everyone after all Chris Sabat has somewhat of a reputation of being wierd....i'll show you what I mean later on.....but if this is true....we could possibly see Chris Sabat as Mr. Popo.    Hmmmm. weird

Q: Do you think that Funimation will re-do the episodes 1-53 that pioneer did?

A: I've heard a rumor that we may... cross your fingers... Pioneer owns the rights to those episodes for another year or so... If you guys are still watching, I wouldn't doubt we'll do it.

This is what I found most interesting...I would love to see the original 53 episodes re-dubbed and maybe have uncut dvds released of them. Because well im sure most of you people know just how much was cut from the original 53 dubbed...right...?   Ok now I'll move on with what I mentioned earlier....Chris Sabat is wierd.....but that's ok, weird is good. Here is what I mean from more exerpts from the interview:

Q: Will DBZ ever go off the air?

A: No. I am hoping that someday DBZ is on every channel, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.


Q: Does piccolo ever find love?

A: Yes... After DBZ, he marries an iceberg.


Q: Is your hair naturally bald looking or did you make the decision to do that?

A: I made the decision to make my hair look as bald as possible. I use it much like Krillin's Solar Flare to confuse my enemies.

Date: 3/16/02

Title: Aaaahhh...DBZ LIVE ACTION im serious...really

Ok.....withought a doubt I would say this is relatively big news. The announcement of a DBZ Live action movie..can they pull it off...probably not...since the Japanese version was horrible....I doubt an american version would do any better. Anyways here is what was said at

"The heroes from your favorite series are headed to the big screen. 20th Century FOX announced the acquisition of feature film rights to the DragonBall property, and is planning for its studio division, FOX 2000, to develop a live action movie based on the property. This is very exciting news for Dragon Ball Z fans.

FUNimation Vice President and Producer Daniel Cocanougher had this to say: “FUNimation is very excited to be working with FOX in their production of a live-action Dragon Ball Z Feature Film. FOX plans to place this movie on a fast-track production schedule, and may have a movie released as early as Fall 2003 or Summer 2004. FOX is an excellent movie studio, producing such huge hits as X-Men and Star Wars, among many others. They feel that this project will not end with one movie, but will become a major, multi-picture franchise like Star Wars. Clearly, this is a remarkable upward turning point for the Dragon Ball Z property. It will also be very interesting for all Dragon Ball Z fans to try to predict the names of the stars, the director and producers,and the storyline that will be used. FUNimation plans for its web site,, to be the focal point of information on the production of the movie and all the fan events leading up to it. We would like to thank all the Dragon Ball Z fans worldwide for creating the excitement that allows such a major announcement as this—the new, completely original, live-action movie: Dragon Ball Z.”

Well, take that for whats its worth and if anyone has any more info on it....e-mail me on it.

Date: 3/7/02

Title: mamasmdmams....BURP.....mdmmamaamam

Well, my first priority of this update is to update as a favor to Majin Mebs. It is to inform everyone that Majin Planet has NOT closed down and is still alive and kicking and I also added it and some other links to my links section so check them out. I also did receive a lot of good bios from people....but none that were in-depth enough for what I was looking for. Oh well.  I re-added the "Old News" link to the bottom of the page. If you would like to view it go goes back all the way to the humble beginnings of my site in January of 1999.

Date: 2/28/02

Title: Well, this DBZWarrior....fights on

Well about my request in the previous post, I got several e-mails about one site in peticular. This site that people mentioned it which I also now have added to my links section.  I also added a link to the fansub section and put Planetnamek in the dead links section. Im also now looking for a good, emphasis on "good" writers for the character Bio sections. If you are interested send in a sample bio of some character in DBZ, it doesn't matter who it is as long as they have some crucial part in the dbz series with maybe some extra info about the character that people don't know about would be nice(like info about the original Japanese version and how they were maybe changed or etc.). I have nothing to offer in return for services other than some recognition, I believe if other dbz fans are like me sometimes they just like doing that stuff simply because they are a big fans of the series. OH one last thing, I've actually mentioned this in previous posts quite awhile ago but im looking for a GOOD banner that pays more than 2 cents a click(mod-chip does this...) because I need to make enough each month to pay off my hoster and mod-chip simply isnt cutting it.

Date: 2/22/02

Title: And....the dragonballs became dark....there are no more wishes

Well, if you havent heard already.....the near "ancient" site in DBZ site life terms has finally died after 4 years made its final stand this year and it lost. This is somewhat bothersome to me....for those who don't know my site is over 3 years old, Planetnamek was one of the last few oldschooler dbz websites left other than mine and a few others. In fact....shortly after my site opened I aquired help from Planetnamek for space and bandwidth....this was way back when they were just an IP address.....they had no .com nor were they nearly as "big" as they have become over the last 2 years. Plus I know MANY dbz fans looked to planetnamek for their daily dbz news and info, I dearly do wish I had the ability to grant this wish myself and make constant site updates and info....but I don't have the ability, my life comes first, dbz site 2nd.....if there is another website out there that provides this kind of constant dbz info....someone please let me know so I may let others know of it. Since this news broke I have had many ims from people asking me if I'll be closing down too...the answer is NO I plan to at least make it to this sites 5th year anniversary but more than likely longer.  So you guys will have to put up with me for quite a bit longer   ;-)      

Date: 2/7/02

Title: New Feature Z - DBZ GamePro issue

It's been awhile since I've had a new Feature Z but I do now, what I did was scan the DBZ GamePro issue that people have been talking about quite a bit on the net and put the 6 dbz page images in a ZIP file for you to enjoy withought spending the dough. ENJOY!(head over to the Feature Z section in case you don't know)

Date: 1/19/02

Title: Goku only has that smile because he passed gas

I updated the links and added so go check them out. Also I would like to give a big thinks to for providing space for my music videos, I added them to the links section as well. LOL I would really like some real DBZ news to report so if anybody has got any send it in. Doing only site updates can get boring and uninteresting.

Date: 1/11/02

Title: Things don't always turn out as expected

Well the 15th is coming up and my site will soon begin it's 4th year in the DBZ online community. I had decided earlier this year that I would make the 3rd anniversary of my site special and do something. Im not sure if I'll have time for that....too busy with school and playing xbox  :-)   but if I find time I'll do something. But at the least at the next update I'll add a couple of links and I got someone who is allowing me to put some of my vids on his server. So for those of you who've been waiting for the links to work you'll be in luck. Hmm...what DBZ news that's really that great to report....unless someone else has some news out there that is relevant to DBZ?

Date: 12/24/01

Title: Geeze Mr. Popo what kind of Christmas lights are these!!!

Merry Christmas!!!  I wish for you all to have a very "bright" christmas (see image above). Thats pretty much all I wanted to say, not much too this update really. Im looking forward to playing my new XBOX (with the Halo game) later tonight and in a couple of months I'll buy Gamecube but.....Xbox just simply has the games I want right now. P.S. Please spread the christmas joy and click on my banners  ;-)

Date: 12/17/01

Title: Been a little while huh?

I havent updated in awhile....for those of you who have come to my site for many years know that this is very common. Speaking of those years, Im pretty sure jan. 15th is my site's 3rd year anniversary. I keep thinking I wanna do something big but I don't have the time, bandwidth or money to do something big. For those of you wondering where I have been, well I've been sick(I was litterally hospitalized) and I've had school, most importantly my CiscoII networking class where I had the hands on test last tues. and this coming Thursday the written test.  In terms of SITE NEWS the most I can say is I plan on making the music video section into TWO sections. Current vids and Retired videos. The retired videos will consist of the old mortal kombat, the original dragula, and Feeder and possible more, they will NOT be downloadable. The reason I am making a retired videos section so there will be less requests to get some of the older videos back up. They werent good me. If you want to download good videos download my "My Resolution" or En Fuego videos instead.  Also I read on planetnamek that apparently new original Dragonball episodes are gonna be on CN on Dec 31st whether this will happen or not is all dictated by CN and Funimation. Well I'll try to update as soon as I can with something good or at least interesting next time  ;-)

  November 21 2k1

Surprise for all of you!!!  LOL well ya know that "design" I was supposed to finish way back in something like July or August that I never did? well this is it and I just started working on it again.  Most(if not all)parts of the site are still in the old format so be patient it might be a looong change, I have some clashing designs that you might notice around the site.  Im not sure what to do about that...maybe nothing.  We'll have to wait and see.

    October 26 2k1

If your struggling with downloads read this! I continue to get e-mails and ims about the downloads being unaccessible or downloads that just stopping like 10 to 40 percent through. Despite me trying to explain my bandwidth problems it doesnt seem to be sticking, I suppose if I were you guys i'd be doing the same thing so I shouldnt complain. I decided to give you guys some graphical information about the correlation of the amount of hits to the site and the inability to download. This image is some information about the amount of hits i've been receiving per day. As you can's well over 10,000 and a couple days ago I receieved over 18,000 which is by far the largest amount of hits i've recieved in my sites history. For quite awhile i was recieving 2 to 6 thousand hits...which i have always been able to handle. Here is an image to a line graph of the amount of hits i've been recieving for the last 100 days....Notice the sudden peak.... as you can see the graph notes my lowest amount of hits in the last 100 days was 1,549 and highest 18,286. This post may appear as though im trying to not....I would much rather go back to the days when I was getting 2 to 6 thousand daily and almost everyone being able to download as compared to high hits and no downloads. Hits should go down after the new episodes stop coming, but if they don't i'll have to resort to a couple of options. Start removing my old music videos and just have more current ones to help improve bandwidth availability, just take them all down for a couple of weeks, or hopefully someone will offer another server for me to put the files on. I have also thought about making like 1 or 2 music videos downloadable each month then changing it each month.  Ugh, i hate dealing with server problems...been doing it ever since my site started ,when I would like to spend my time doing other stuff for the site or just other stuff period. Read the Oct 15th update for information on how to improve your chances of getting a file downloaded.

      October 20 2k1

I apologize for downtime of the music videos, I have put them on a seperate server than my website so I would like to give a special thanks to Jason at Hobbithell for providing the a place for me to put the music videos. The server will allow for 256 connections at one time and also if anyone else out there is willing to mirror the files on another server please let me know.

      October 15 2k1

The response to the new music video was almost unanimously positive so if you havent seen it already click here to go to the music vid page.  Alot of people have been running into 503 errors or currupted downloads. This is because of the amount of file requests and bandwidth being used. I cant really prevent the 503 errors but if you want to save yourself a download go get getright and it will allow you to resume a file that was cut off during download and once again i apologize for site problems they should get better once the amount of downloading slows. Also...NEW FEATURE Z so go there and check out the.....well...bad irwin toys commercials.

      October 1 2k1

ANOTHER NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!!  although this is a video to a song that most music video makers "wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole" and normally neither would I but hopefully you'll read the special-info.txt file the music video is zipped with and that will explain most everything. I tried some new things in this video so dont be surprised. Although im looking for you comments either positive OR negative so drop me a line.

      October 20 2k1

I apologize for downtime of the music videos, I have put them on a seperate server than my website so I would like to give a special thanks to Jason at Hobbithell for providing the a place for me to put the music videos. The server will allow for 256 connections at one time and also if anyone else out there is willing to mirror the files on another server please let me know.

      October 15 2k1

The response to the new music video was almost unanimously positive so if you havent seen it already click here to go to the music vid page.  Alot of people have been running into 503 errors or currupted downloads. This is because of the amount of file requests and bandwidth being used. I cant really prevent the 503 errors but if you want to save yourself a download go get getright and it will allow you to resume a file that was cut off during download and once again i apologize for site problems they should get better once the amount of downloading slows. Also...NEW FEATURE Z so go there and check out the.....well...bad irwin toys commercials.

      October 1 2k1

ANOTHER NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!!  although this is a video to a song that most music video makers "wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole" and normally neither would I but hopefully you'll read the special-info.txt file the music video is zipped with and that will explain most everything. I tried some new things in this video so dont be surprised. Although im looking for you comments either positive OR negative so drop me a line.

      September 16 2k1

Finally new fanart has been added to both Fanart page 1 and 2 in the Gallery section. Some of it is very very good so I suggest you go take a look. Umm....not much else that I have to say so....

      September 12 2k1

Well as im sure most of you all know by now the World Trade Centers in New York have been demolished as well as the Pentagon has been damaged and many lives lost. I urge all of you to pray for the victims and their families. On to news about the site, it is now on a new server i have switched over too and hopefully it'll be more reliable. I definately will have more space for files but space usually isnt the problem, bandwidth is where most of my problems lie. In case your wondering why i hadnt updated since the 11th of August I have been working on a Music video which is now at least 98% done but im not quite ready to release it just yet. Please don't e-mail me asking about it because I wont give out the details. For those of you who have sent in Fanart in the past I expect within the next couple of days i'll finally get them up and Im in the process of getting DBZ song files uploaded. I guess thats it.

      August 11 2k1

A new feature z has been uploaded. It's just a clip of the preview for new Episodes that cartoon network is beginning to show. The server is still quite unstable so if you are having trouble accessing it, i apologize.

      August 4 2k1

Well it appears nearly unanimous on the new layout I have posted here that I should switch to it except for a few people who will miss this current one. So im beginning work on switching all the sections to this new format, it'll take awhile so don't expect an immediate change. Also I finally fixed up the Freeza Impression video that's been on my site for so long. So go check it out I guess but make sure you read the vid-history file that comes with the music video.

      July 26 2k1

It's been nearly 2 weeks since my last update. I've been in the process of creating a new layout, i've run into several stumps in the process however for those of you would like to take a look at it go here and if you do look at it...i would really appreciate an e-mail letting me know your opinion of it. The reason for creating a new layout is simple.....navigation. I wanted something easier for people to move around in this site. Although the more i think about it the more I think a new layout isnt a wise idea but either way go take a look. Also on the new video I made the positive response was immense, so much so that here are some segments from some of the e-mails.


<<That was the most awesomest music video that ive seen out every single one that i have downloaded. Ive got all of yours downlaoded and i must say that that was totally overwhelming im mean like that was the coolest thing ive ever seen. I laughed my but off at some parts it was hallarious and the quallity of the video was great. My favorite video used to be vegetas pride and this one blows it way off the charts. Your time was well spent.>>


<<Hey, Enfuego is one of the best DBZ music videos I have ever downloaded. I don't even like the music but the way it is used makes this music video one of the best I have ever seen. The footage used is always suited to the music and has perfect timing>>


<<Your new music video was brillant. The best you done so far. Great clips but sorry I didn't like the song and the YMCA PART WAS really funny. I just burst out laughing when the ginyu force came on with the ymca song. Best music vidoe done so far.>>


<<Hey man I thought your new Music Video is freakin awesome man, but I dont know about the song it. Its exetremely funny though man i laughed my head off at the YMCA part. Well this video gets a 10 out of 10 from me. Very very nicely put together! Keep makin the movies man they keep getting better and better (Rage Game is still my fav though) Good Luck with the next one!>>


<<You should get rid of the "simply" part...I mean this has everything. Just when we thought its possible you could run out of clips in the near future. What is the one thing this doesnt have...a lack of emotion. SIKE this thing has more "A-C-T-I-O-N & E-M-O-T-I-O-N," that I nearly cried watching its brilliance. "Welcome to the bigshow Hardly En Fuego." Sounds much better. Pump Trunks up...while the crowd cheers. Yelling with "whoop there it is in sync." Underwater fighting scene was definately original. The theme? Well out of all the people who would say it has no theme at all. It actually has more of a theme then Vegeta's Pride. You just have get into the mind of the characters. I mean common this video makes you want to go KAMEHAMEHA! As sure as the tears on my face when I first watched it....cause plainly and simply its about time this came out. If you hadnt trust me nobody would have. It was something only you and you alone could do. I have seen tons of people do lip sync timing with hits. Making sure video goes with the music. Never though have I seen anyone take it on in this proportion. Anyone else would have killed this song. I think it brings music video's to another level of even which I have seen. I mean this is it this is "The Big Show." Anyone I mean anyone who has never watched DBZ will love this. I mean this simply was En Fuego.>>

These are just a few of the many e-mails, I wanted to put up more, but I was worried that adding any more e-mail segments would probably just be ignored anyway. As you can see this has been one of the most well liked videos i've ever made. Hopefully those who havent already downloaded it will go download it in the movie clips section to see waht these people are talking about.

      July 13 2k1

It's finally out....the music video I was talking about awhile ago. Over a month in the making I'm finally done. I dont think i've ever put so much Frame by Frame work into a video and im exhausted. Once you view the video you'll see just how unique it is from any other music videos I have made. Or at least thats what I believe.  To be honest.....I think I have truly topped myself but you'll just have to see for yourself by heading over to the movie clips section and download it. By the way... im very looking forward to hearing opinions on the vid so don't forget my e-mail is LOL it looks like Friday the 13th is gonna be a good day.

      July 10 2k1

I updated the links section in the about 50 or 60 liink submissions recieved I found about 3 that I liked I may have skipped over some on accident because I whent looking through sites haphazardly but stopped at sites that caught my attention. Anybody know what happened to those were 2 of the sites I replaced in my links because they when't nowhere. Those two sites I saw quite a bit of potential for them and I wanted to keep them but they have been down for quite some time. Also if anybody has a server I could host my Mp3's on so I can save on bandwidth please let me know.

      July 2 2k1

I just wanna say happy Independence Day since I probably won't update on the 4th, and I wanted to let you guys know of a couple of things. Im looking for some new good links...because of some old ones in that section that well.....  don't really go anywhere. So if you have a relatively popular site and would like it linked e-mail me, or if you just know of a very good site let me know. I'm also looking for some new fanart..... I was hoping I could get some serious submissions pretty soon and expand that section. The last thing you might wanna know is that a new music video is very close to being finished, i've got the last 30 sections to do and some touch up on it as well to do.

      June 18 2k1

First off I must say, thank you for all the kind words about my previous update. Many of you e-mailed me and told me why they know what it feels like I have been feeling about my stepfathers death and I appreciated it. Sorry to all those who I havent responded too, I got so many e-mails I found it hard to respond to them all but to those of you who didnt get a response, thank you for your sympathy. Well as I said in my previous update this site continues on and I have a new "Feature Z" featuring the chopped up funimation version of after Cell saga intro. Im pretty sure this hasnt been shown on Cartoon Network yet....but I might be wrong. I haven't watched cartoon network in about 6 months. Either's sad to see what they did to the intro.

      June 14 2k1

Tragedy has struck once again in my life, my step-father whom I loved dearly, died June 6 in a terrible accident in which our car that he was under fixing the spark plugs rolled off the ramp it was on and the frame of the car crushed him beneath it's weight despite the fact the car was in park. For those of you out there who have dads, brothers, or friends who may work on cars occasionally etc. Please make sure they are careful, my stepdad was a smart man....and he was careful.....but the transmission failed. To avoid this happening to others....please tell them to not trust in the car and to take more precautions. This past week has been extremely hard, our family depended on him for alot and we loved him so much. For those of you who are christians like myself, please pray for my family because we are going through a difficult time. For those of you interested about updates I will have some new media for the "Feature Z" section soon. This site........continues on.

      June 2 2k1

Well if you just happened to show up here for the first time today, your in for something special I rarely do. I simply dumped the message board section (it caught little interest) and added a new section called "Feature Z" the name doesnt explain itself so I will. Every once in awhile for example once every 2 weeks or every month depending on my time, i'll feature something. It could be anything, a website, a clip I made, a new music video, a sound, information, a picture, somebody's opinion e-mailed to me. It can litterally be anything I want it to be thats why I made it. This time it's just something simple a link to a website that has what everyone wants.....DBZ Games. So head on over to Feature Z.

      May 22 2k1

Anybody here familiar with Escaflowne? It was on Fox for awhile ago then switched to some other network. Well when it was on Fox I taped a couple of episodes and awhile ago I made a music video of it using a song apparently called "Edge of Soul" which was the intro song to the game Soul Blade on the PSX. If you would like to download it quickly on an free account while it's still there before they delete it. Go download it HERE. If your not familiar with the song or's pointless to download but either way if you view it you'll see that the video quality is very very high and it actually will look ok even if you put it at full screen view in realplayer, if you download it e-mail me your opinion of it. I also uploaded the total impressions at the bottom of this page.

      May 16 2k1

I added something I never expected I would ever add to this site. After many requests I realized that I better put up a lyrics sections with all the lyrics of my music videos. If you want them they are in the info section or click here to go directly to the section. Also I would like to point out why I didn't get a new server yet like I had proposed I would. In order to get my checks from ValueClick (my banner service) I have to fill out a W-9 form which I'll try to do tommorow. Please keep in mind it's very expensive to move to a more reliable server so if you get some free time please visit my sponsers.

      April 19 2k1

I got this comical e-mail awhile ago and yet while it was basically a funny e-mail it also seemed to grasp basically all the things I was trying to get across with some of my music videos.

From: Jdp1446

The Original Dragula, made us all want to own the car.

Mortal Kombat, made us want to take off are fake Mortal Kombat clothes and start dressing like Son Goku and Vegeta.

Come Out & Play (old version), made us think twice about our next door neighbors and school rallies.

High, made us think twice about the fruit of the Tree of Might.

NewDrag, reminded us to get the real thing.

Impression That I Get, Never knocked on wood since for fear of Goku getting me.

Dont Leave Me, made us all wish we could fall in love with a major DBZ character just so we could be in the video somewhere.

Vegeta Pride, Continue's to make us think Vegeta has issue's to.

Long Way Down, Wish the nameks didnt get so darn beat up but it was either them or well Krillin and Gohan but since they were the only two alive someone else had to get the stuffins knocked out of them.

Its The End Of The World, we decided that wormwood was real (we say that scence where the earth got blown up by some meteor or somethin...) and we decided that we best watch Independance day as a Sacrifice to the big rock.

The Game, We wet are pants in pain and fear and still we CRY FOR MORE!

Special thanks to Jdp1446 for one of the most unique e-mails I've ever gotten in all my years of owning this site.

      April 8

Special thanks goes out to for providing this site with a mirror for my music videos. So if you havent been able to get to them in the past head over to the movie clips section. By the way if you haven't heard Funimation is doing voice casting for the original Dragon Ball except people get to vote on the people who do the voices of the characters. I strongly urge you to participate because like you I want good voices for the series. Go Here and go to voice poll.

      April 6

Well I was able to speed up the server a bit by editing some files using Pico in Telnet but it's still running very slowly. Anyways I finally fixed the "Come Out and Play" video so it's in the movie clips section if you'd like to download it. I never really named it despite the fact I released it a long long time ago. I decided to call it "Perpetual Duel" also if you could read the vidhistory file that comes with the .zip file to help you learn about this old vid. By the way im looking into a new server if anyone knows of a good service please e-mail me.

      April 2

Im in over my head right now.....I get much more traffic than my server can handle. Therefore making it difficult to get into the site. So here is what im gonna do, shut down the Trunks clips in hope of helping people get into my site....I dont know if it'll fix the problem. But it'll probably help. Besides most of you have already seen what happens with Trunks since they are on Cartoon Network so I probably shoulda taken them down a long time ago.

      March 27

I apologize for any difficulty many of you are having downloading the new music video and even just getting into this site. Because of the massive amount of people downloading the new vid it's slowing down the server. If your having a hard time downloading try again later. Also as long as you have time check out some new links I added to the links section.

      March 25

New Music Video!!! For those of you who have been waiting for a new music video the time has come!!!  Countless hours and sleepless nights and I have created a Music Video about Brolly and his rage....therefore I called the Music Video "Rage Game" which you will understand after you have downloaded it. I also updated most of the link section with a few additions. So check those out while your downloading.

      March 22

I recieved an interesting e-mail yesterday from Cartoon Network. Apparently they are creating an Anime website called the "Reactor". It's a little dfficult to put it on my own words so click here to view a text copy of the e-mail I was sent. Here is a link to the website it links to that they call the reactor. Read the e-mail to learn why the website they made isnt finished.

      March 19

Yes....after nearly 6 months I finally update again. There was alot of reasons why I wasnt able to update. The biggest reason was because of personal problems in my life that I won't go into detail about. Nevertheless I'm here and guess whats coming....A NEW MUSIC VIDEO!  I can't give an estimated release date because I just started making it. I'll update later to give a date. If you havent noticed already the counter at the bottom of my page has been removed. I had the counter for at LEAST 8 months believing it was reporting accurately. I believed I was truly getting only about 2,000 hits a day. Valueclick (my sponser) reported that I was recieving 4 to 6,000 hits a day! I was stunned and contacted them thinking this was a mistake, they told me that their count of hits was accurate and they counted only unique hits (meaning if the same person came back twice it would only count them for the one time). Either way...the last count on the old counter was about 800,000 and im looking into a new counter service.

      October 22

The response to my previous post was INCREDIBLE!!! Thats why I left it up extra long in case your wondering (go to the "old news" link on the bottom of the page to read it) the phenominal (sorry for mispelling) amount of e-mails i've recieved with people not only understanding but sympathizing with my computer problems I had experienced (most people had this same kind of problem recently after installing a game just like me....looks like we need to look at how "harmless" installing a game can be on your computer). Im still trying to read them all, let alone respond to them all so I apologize to anyone I dont get a chance to respond to.   Anyways I do finally have my video capture card working and I have alot of my software programs installed. I would like to state that from this point on I will post at LEAST once a week pretty much always on the weekends. I say this because people complain about how random my posts are so this will work out better and people can just look for them on the weekends. This also works out for me because I have an unpredictable schedule during the week with school and now work.

     !!!PLEASE READ!!! October 5 !!!PLEASE READ!!!

Wow...hhmm.....Im still here, It's hard to explain my long absence, very very hard. I suppose I should start from the beginning. Back around June 22nd I whent and bought myself a new game, it was Age of Kings (the sequal of Age of Empires). Shortly after installing it, in fact directly after installing it, my computer whent hay-wire, I shut off the computer and turned it back on only to find that Windows 98 wouldn't load up at all even in "Safe Mode" or any mode for that matter. Well I decided to go into DOS and go move all my DBZ files to my backup before messing with the comp, I saw I didnt have enough room on my backup so I whent to delete some stuff, well I made a mistake and deleted the C:\ drive ENTIRELY! I whent nutz and I couldnt load up the comp at all. Everything was gone, my ENTIRE litteral years of collection of Dragon Ball stuff Gone! Including all my software and everything I was working on for this site (i had alot planned for this site)! I was pissed! Angry enough that I didnt even want to touch the computer and I didnt for awhile, I eventually pulled out the original system disk and got the computer up and running again over the period of the next two months I slowly (very slowly) started downloading some files from my site, some files need to update my site, and so on. The reason it took me so long is because I was basically depressed about all that I lost when the computer messed up.

I can see why some people might not understand why loosing all my files would make me upset and not update etc. But to be honest, I was beginning to feel like there was NO way I could keep this website up after loosing all my files that I had planned for the summer. But I decided that even though it seems as if this site were finished, Im not going to give up so easily, i've worked way to hard to get this site the publicity it has gotten. Stayed up to many endless nights working on new music vids just to have them forgotten in 6 months. This site WILL stay around. Right now im working on gathering some new pictures and installing my old software again. I definately can't say your gonna see new stuff on this site soon but eventually. I'll post again in about another 3 or 4 days (maybe sooner) to give you an idea of where I am as far as the software re-installment and status of this site.

April 10

Anyone here remember me talking about getting a dedicated server and stuff like that? Well i'm still working on it. I got my check recently from last months banner earnings. Im still gathering money though. Also in case your wondering about the slow updates....nothing new coming to the site....where i've been etc. Things have been slow for me lately with school and stuff like that. Some people are worried this site is dying or something, which is kinda dumb because this site has gone through much slower times than this over the past year. So no worry.

Mar 24

I got the songs, and the Winamp skins working to download.....temporarily anyways. So go ahead and download. I'll continually try to get them up as they go down. as for the trunks clips?   im still unsure about getting all those up soon.

Mar 18

You all are familiar of DBZ-Kakarot style right? He's one of the sites in my link section. Well he asked me to try to get the word out that his site is moving, here is where the new url will be. Go there and bookmark it so you dont loose his site when the other one shuts down ok?   Also the other day I got DOA2! (Dead or Alive 2) For those of you who dont have a Dreamcast and love fighting dont know what your missing....this game is truly incredible. Not to say that I wont get a PS2, because I will, but the PS2 is just going to lack too much for me to find much interest in it. (only 2 controler ports, no modem, few titles I care about other than tekken, etc.)

Mar 15

NEWS GALORE!!!  Well I was snooping around and found a link to this article on their front page.  If you a fan of DBZ....and want a new DBZ game...READ THIS article!   You'll definately be interested.  Man this site is starting to become a "news" site to some level.  You have some news? Send it in! with the title "NEWS!" and I'll be sure to read it! If I post it i'll give you credit etc. About the possible new DBZ game....Personally....I would hope it would not be an RPG. Not that RPG's arent good but personally I would rather have a pumped up fighting game with a bit of twist (with a story mode also would be nice).  

"judging from the deluge of email to GameProWorld, DBZ fans are far more intense than fans of your average show" - GamePro Writer

    GamePro isnt the only game site who apparently has recieved alot of e-mail from Dragon Ball Z fans, another article written by IGN HERE also states breifly about "Dragonball Zealots" that have been annoyingly e-mailing them.  I say....KEEP IT UP! Im glad places around the net are seriously starting to recognize Dragon Ball Z as a serious show and deserves more attention than cartoon network can provide.

Mar 13

Hello there, I think I got all the songs working which is a good thing for this site. My hits have been dropping lately and I think the fact I got the ".com" logo up is confusing people so i'll probably change that because I dont think i'll be getting back to my ".com" anytime soon.  Im in the process of making another music video please dont e-mail me about what the song is because i like to keep that stuiff a secret untill the video is released. I would say the estimated time to release in around 2 or 3 weeks....we'll see. All the mails that were in my "mailbag" mailbox were deleted by the server. So in case your wondering why I never got the January or Feburary mailbags up thats why. So i'll have a permanent loss of all the e-mails sent to me with questions in January and February. If you've already sent ones into me for this month please re-send them.

Mar 10

Well it's my birthday today, I just turned 17 and I thought I would update even though I have nothing new on the page, however I stumbled onto some info on Dragon Ball Gt: Final Bout the game today at IGN.Com while looking for DOA 2 game info. On the main page (as im writing this) to the far right and down some it says "We Can't Believe It" - Bandai's DragonBall Gt Final Bout has completely sold out  So I check the article (read it by checking HERE) Only to find this article is around 3 years old...dated November 19, 1997. Im confused as to why would post such old info....probably a mess up of some sort. In any case it was definately interesting...and confusing. p.s. I would like to point out that I am one of the lucky one's who own this game....and have had it for along time....I personally love it, although I hear many fans of DBZ disagree with my opinion of it. If you ask me, to truly enjoy that game you need to play "build up" mode. Where you battle characters and continually increase your power level with each fight (just like the show).

Feb 24

Well, im using the DBZWarriors.Com logo even though im on the version of my site because my DBZWarriors.Com is still down. I just simply can't afford the bandwith outputed by my site. I'm hoping more people will click on the banners around the site so I can actually afford a dedicated server. Boy...wouldnt that be nice....I would almost never have to worry about downtime on any of the files on my site.  Well I guess untill then....i'll just have to deal with it somehow.

Feb 2

I added the Trunks Clips 9 and 10 (very awesome clips). In case you havent already realized I have found a very temporary alternative for the's slow and barely works but it works most of the time so I'll put up with it untill I've released the entire Trunks special and left it out for awhile. I want to gaurantee you the Trunks file's will not be around forever...not nearly as long as I left the Freeza clips up when they were up. So I suggest you dont put off downloading them.

Jan 30

LOL, less than 4 days into having a domain name and i've almost maxed out my bandiwith because of the massive amounts of downloads from you guys! This is crazy...4 days and 10 gigs of bandwith used. Now unless I wanna pay 20 dollars for every extra gig downloaded by you guys I have to shut the files down for a bit. I had no idea so much bandwith whent through this site, i guess i'll have to limit the actual amount of downloadable files from this site. I'll have to find some kind of server for my movies...anyone out there have a dedicated server and want to donate some space and bandwith? It would be much appreciated.

Jan 26

Welcome to the Www.DBZWarriors.Com , definately all the logo's have not been changed yet. However hopefully they soon will be. So im sure your wondering "Whats so great and new?" Well with this domain name I have an entire gig of webspace. But not tons and tons of bandwith. If downloads get too intense it is possible I will stop certain sections from any downloading untill the next month. For the next couple of days download like crazy. This month's bandwith has hardly been used up and there is only 5 days left in the month. GO TO THE TRUNKS SPECIAL!!!  Not all the files there are up yet. I'll make them available as I upload them (it'll take a day or two). All the Trunks files were recorded by me. The sound in them is not in the best quality. But the video, at least when compared to most fansubs is in EXCELLENT quality. Many files on this site will slowly become available such as the Music Videos, Songs, and the Winamp files. Probably not the sounds though for awhile. I want to re-record them.

      Jan 19

Well im sure your coming here wondering....Hey? where was the surprise? Well I planned for something big, I bought a domain name (it's registered but it's not open). The hosting was SUPPOSED to be ready to go by wasnt.....anyways it'll probably take some time till everything is once again...up again. LOL, this site goes through alot of ups and downs. Just be patient about everything. In the meantime i've got over 200 e-mails to read/answer.

Update: 9:08 Pacific/Central Time - called the hosting service, said it was an error in the sign-up. I re-signed up and the hosting should be available within 2 - 3 days. Just thought i'd let you all know that. OH and I checked the stats on the visitors to this topping 2,000 a day average. I'm pretty proud of that.

Jan 1 2000

Happy New Year All !!! Im glad it's January. Why you ask? well in about 14 days It will be my sites 1 year anniversary. Yep....I've been around for a year now and still love DBZ. For that anniversary (Jan 15th) I will have something special on this page. Someone at the IRC Chat  suggested something pretty interesting I might do, and might not, im'll just have to wait and see. For now I got up the December 1999 mailbag (Start sending in mail for the January 2000 mailbag!) also new Fanart in the Gallery section.

Dec 29

Well, it appears from the response I got from the Music Video well over 90 percent of you liked it. I added 4 new image links and 1 text link to the links section. That section is getting loaded so probably pretty soon I will turn alot of the links in there to text links and just make 8 or 9 of them as image links(the best of the best). OH yes and for those of you who are interested, The Vault has a interview of me up. Which was kinda neat, so if you wanna view it. Go there. One last thing, DBZWarriors now has it's own IRC chat, to learn more about it go to the M-Boards Section.

Dec 25

Well, Merry Christmas, and for my present to you all I got a new music video featuring "Long Way Down" by the Goo Goo Dolls. Which I did release as "beta" once before last month but only to a few specific people. I didnt like what it added up to, so for the most part I scrapped it but I spent more time on it this month and made something of it and I think it's pretty good. It's not my best though keep in mind and it's another sad song (I got a happy song coming up soon). Anyways If you like it or hate it, e-mail me and tell me why and or why not (Im always open to constructive critisizm). Also before you all rush out to send me mail please watch it a couple of times before you make your decision of whether you like it or hate it.

Dec 23

Incredible....I havent been online for a couple of days and I decided I better update today. Well just for interest I decided to go check the amount of hits I've been recieving lately because it's gone down quite a bit since the beginning of december(usual of 1,300 whent to 900 average) but I checked and today ALONE I got 2,594 hits to this site....and rising. I had a very high hit count above 2,179 yesterday and and a very high hit count the day before that also.  It is most likely because it is the christmas season and many children dont have school. Either way it was a nice surpise. The 25th on Christmas morning I'll update with a new music video for you all (SO MAKE SURE YOU CHECK BACK). In the meantime I got those songs working again and October and November Mailbags uploaded (but they are very short and not as much info as previous months because of lack of time) the December one will be out before the 31st, or at least i'll try to be on time with it. Till then, have a Merry Christmas and for those of you who celebrate it...take at least a few minutes of your time to think about what the day of Christmas is actually about.

Dec 9

Ok, I thought I updated the links section last update...but apparently I just have a bad memory. Anyways I created 3 new image links and 1 new text link in the (obviously) Links section. I managed to get most of the Songs working! So those of you who have been waiting for some of those(The only ones I dont have are "We Gotta Power" and "Dragon Power" I accidently deleted them) Also I got all the DBZ Winamp Skins in the "Info"  section working. This site is almost once again fully functionaly except for those 2 songs. But you guys probably dont mind.

Nov 30

Hello again, the site has changed a more "fansub" section. Pretty much all the links in that section were down and or gone anyways.  In the sounds section the "old dub" sounds will download for ya now no matter what web-browser your using as long as your following the directions on there. The fanart in the gallery section has been updated and more will come i just gotta find time. The mailbag still has no update even though it's the end of the month. Im 2 months behind schedule... it's difficult to find time to update. I often dont get online very much , and when I get online there's alota e-mail to answer. I really dont have much else to say in this update, maybe next update I'll have some stuff to say.

P.S. To all of you on my DBZ Top 77 list. I now delete all sites I SUSPECT of cheating...even if I cant prove it(cause I whent through all their html) I just dont see how a site's hit counter can only say maybe 300 total but some how be getting 60 hits a day....  thats just an example although by the time you read this those sites either are or will be deleted. Also i turned off the Voting Gateway that "supposedly" stops people from cheating, instead I now turned on Unique IP voting only, so only unique hits can get through. Now while this may not stop cheating, i should know within a full 24 hour period who is cheating on my top sites list because there will be a sudden temporary drop in their hits. Anyways, just thought i'd let ya all know

Nov 22

Well, the MP3 skins and the MP3's are still down. Im still working on the mailbag  :-P one thing I know for sure is that im gonna have to close a few sections on this site, it's too hard too keep up with it all. I got tons of fanart I keep forgeting to get posted etc.etc.etc.etc. tons of stuff.  The movies section is occasionally down for some music vids. Why? overload. Meaning there is just too many people downloading at once, it appears to be the same thing with the sounds section. Anyways i got kind of a favor to ask, anyone got an MPEG enocder? One that will encode straight off a V.C.C. if so please e-mail me about it.

Nov 17

Ok, i added like 100+ sounds to the "old dub" area of the sounds section. Now step 1 of getting this page 100% fully functional  again has been finished. step 2? I'll try to get the mp3's working.... then maybe the "new dub" area. Keep in mind i made all the sounds, so they are not "AMAZING!" quality...but pretty good.

Nov 11

Wow, So far from the response i've gotten you people really liked the video..ALOT, i really appreciate all the feedback you've given me. Although a few e-mails were from some people who were wondering something. They wanted to know if I "hate Vegeta" and thats why I made the video the way it is. Well no i dont hate Vegeta, he's one of the best characters(obviously). To you few people who didnt understand what i was trying to express this paragraph from an e-mail I got, I think best explains it.

"Que pasa? This whole e-mail is a critique of your latest music video. All I can say is, HOT DAMN!!!! You have outdone yourself with this one. I am kinda partial to Vegeta myself, and this vid does him total justice. From the beginning when I heard that sorrowful guitar, I know this would be great. You perfectly captured the essence of angst and unchanneled rage which embodies Vegeta, and that is not an easy thing to do."

Ok, those few people you understand now? Alot of it was just about Vegeta never really got a fair chance....and the fact his Pride led to much of his problems. I'm gonna be adding a huge lot of sounds in the next couple of days. From the New Dub and the Old Dub. I've recorded tons but the problem is getting a reliable server to put them on..."free" servers never really work good.

Nov 4

THE NEW MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT!!! Go check it out in the movie clip section! It's completely focuses on all Vegeta and his fact I call it "Vegeta's Pride"'s a little complicated why but if you liked the song "High" by Feeder then you'll like this one ALOT. It uses the song named "Adam's Song" by Blink182. It's a considerably higher quality music video then almost all my other ones. Mainly because this time I had my own video capture card and could choose from my tapes.

I hope you people dont mind but obviously the October mailbag will be late I spent my entire time from October 26th to Nov 2nd working on the vid...thats considerably faster than the amount of time it usually takes. I worked double overtime on this one so I could get it to everyone as quick as possible. But you can still send in your questions etc. to my mailbag address for the november mailbag. I got the mails all seperated nicely i just got it put it together into html.

Hmm....what else?  OOooh! DBZ restarted pretty sure it's only temporary. Why? because there is supposed to be exactly 50 new eps dubbed before there is a long wait period of old eps again 50 eps havent been done yet. I think they just didnt get finished dubbing the eps quick enough and had to put up the old eps...thats just a guess though but a pretty good guess. Anyways if you liked or hated my new music video e-mail me about it cause i'd like to know...although i cant gaurantee i'll respond to everyone.

Oct 31

Well it's funny right after my last post(the 25th) i got my check(on the 26th) and whent and bought myself a video capture card. i whent immediately and captured tons of clips. I've been working on an all Vegeta music video. I've been working on the Vegeta music vid  CONSTANTLY. Personally i think it's gonna be my best work especially since i have 100 percent say in the clips i wanna use  :-)   also i'm recording alota sounds straight to my computer which i will also put on the page soon. Thats it for now. Happy Halloween!!!

Oct 25

Well, long time no update huh?  Sorry i've been busy with a lot of stuff. Most of the music videos are up though. As a bonus my friend JD was able to encode my mortal kombat music video 100% correctly into realplayer for me. So that one will be once again available to you soon. Hmm...most of the mp3's still dont work. Sorry about that. There is not a whole lot new to this site recently i havent got my check's very fact it's never been this late so i havent been able to go get my new video capture card. Anyways many many links are still not working but untill everything is fixed go check out the next chapter of the Bardock Story that came out a bit ago.

      Oct 7

Most Of the movie files are still down. Im working VERY HARD on it though(music vids come first). Slowly things will begin to work again. Pretty much all the Old Dub sounds are 100% working now, I had some people tell me a few of those were down, I had no clue. Unfortunately when all the movie files whent down I completely lost Freeza Clips - Anyways the reason I bring that up is that I really dont feel like going and re-encoding them all into realplayer etc(it takes forever). So my point is that i KNOW alot of people use my clips on their sites.....tons believe me....i've had so many people ask(so far I have not turned anyone down). Now I have a list of about 200+ people who are using my clips and their websites. Thats way to many to go through. So if any of you own a site with the freeza clips on it, or know of one that does. Please E-mail Me so i can go get the clips and put them on a server for people to download here. I will continually post of what things work as i get them to in the movies section). So to all you people who are new to this site and just cant wait to download EVERYTHING. Welp, keep coming back. Like i said i'll post whats working as it gets uploaded and works. In the meantime why dont you guys all go check out JD's page which has much more DBZ multimedia than you can possibly imagine(i dont know how he keeps his xoom account, xoom ALWAYS caught me even when i used their servers for my files, even with dummy pages). Also probably better yet check out SaiyanPride.Net which hosts both mine and jd's html files, and many other sites also. Wow...that sounded like a commercial or something, it's not though, it's just me trying to get stuff for you guys to do while my site is basically down and the fact that saiyanpride has been the ONE single reliable server(even if it's just for html) that I have ever had. Ok, thats it for the update.

      Sept 13

Ok, now that the new episodes are out, and alota people have seen them. Im already getting tons of complaints. So im gonna take this opportunity to do a little "Q and A" on the two BIGGEST questions i am getting.

Q. Why are there new voices for the characters?

A. The original dubbings were done in canada...meaning the original voice actors live in canada too. Funimation is in America...meaning they have no choice but to get new voice actors unless they want to buy the old voice actors houses move them here etc.etc.etc. Personally, not all of them are "great" , but some of them are just fine. For example Goku's is pretty close to the original dub and thats just fine with me, also Gohan and Dende's are alright too.

Q. Why are the action sounds so dull?

A. Heh... this answer i dont actually know, to me it seems like, they used a cruddy microphone and recorded sounds off of the original dub then placed them on the new eps and very low(sometimes NO SOUNDS at ALL where there should be sounds), while the voices are very high level . Making it sound as if it's just a bunch of people talking with no sounds. Hopefully they'll improve upon this over time.

Welp those are the two biggest questions im getting so far. Please dont e-mail me asking these questions.

Sept 4

Hey People, i understand there is many problems in the sounds section with mp3's and such. I only recently got this new computer. And it's taking me some time to get all my old software on it etc. I'll do my best to fix everything(broken links etc.) as soon as possible. I also want to say i appreciate all you people for helping me make this page so popular. This single "main page" alone gets 900-1100 a day. Nope, no cheating here, i got my counter only on this one page of this entire site. New music vids are coming...not soon though because i have to wait untill about the 15th next month because im all maxed out on cash and i need to get a new capture card. So if you have any suggestions for songs(no rap please) send me the suggestions and possibly an mp3 with it too. OH YEA, the second mailbag thing from august i put up today. sorry for the delay.

Aug 28

Another update, it appears Funimation have conflicting schedules of the airtime. CN says sept13th and Funimation says'll be interesting to see what happens. OH by the way if anyone knows of any good fansubs sites please e-mail me.

Aug 27

Correction!!! to the previous post. Cartoon network is airing the new dbz episodes september 13th! I did not know because last month I e-mailed them.and i was told sept 6. Sorry to all who were misinformed. Thanks to super gogeta for the info. Here is the site link to cartoon networks toonami area that tells of the air date of sept. 16th

Aug 25

Yes... the commercials for the new episodes began today(keep your eyes out for em). The day that many fan's have been waiting for is officially coming. Cartoon Network has the new episodes in their possesion and is airing them september 6th. Now while i already have the Japanaese originals of all these episodes. It will be interesting to see how they turned out dubbed. Either way this is gonna bring in ALOT more expecting an explosion of people after september 6th. But only time will tell.

Aug 19

    Lately i see outbursts of people turning in fansub as if they are trying to get in good with funimation. read the new post at and i agree with what is said there. it's almost as if some people are trying to get jobs or something with funimation. or expect their site to be linked from maybe it makes them feel immortal when they turn in fansub sites and funimation shuts them down, and their sites stay open. Or maybe these people are trying to shut down dbz fansub sites completely so they can be the few leftover when the smoke clears, that actually own some original dragonball z episodes/movies.

   Now the motive still isnt 100% clear to me. being illegal i doubt is the main intent(just a factor). now i agree, fansubs are illegal and wrong no matter what a person says/does. But come on! these people arent cops(well maybe but i doubt it) it's not your job to catch these people. Funimation has people on the case already im sure. But do you people say...turn in your friends when they cheat on a test?(if you do i doubt your still their friend). Or do your friends turn YOU in when they find out you've cheated on a test? i doubt they do. MOST OF THE PEOPLE TURNING IN FANSUB DISTRO"S OWN FANSUBS THEMSELVES!!! now im not a bible person much....but, i think all of you should take this quote into mind that jesus said "let the person who has not sinned, cast the first stone" (that may be off some/alot, but it's close).

Aug 18

ok.....well....from alota the e-mails that i get in the mailbag, i can tell alota people dont quite understand the concept. so i prematurely released the august1999(a) mailbag. Filled with the basic kind of questions im lookin for people to ask(i got way more e-mails that what is actually in the mailbag, there is no way i could answer them all). Well, you know what to do. Go to the MailBag section.

Aug 16

Ok, Gotenks Fansubs is now done with their banner space time. And the space is open(at top of page). If someone wants this space, to advertise their site(with a banner of similiar size). The price is very simple actually. 1 fansub tape=1 week 2 fansub tapes=2 weeks etc.(preferably i would rather do this deal with a fansub site). But, if i know you, or you just have a somewhat credible website. Contact me and we'll see if we can set up a deal.!

Aug 14

Hey, sorta of a surprise update, well it was a surprise to me that i took the time to do it. I've always wanted to make the section. I made a "mailbag" section. It's hardly anything now, it wont be anything untill U GUYS get involved. This is a section i cant do a thing untill the dbz fans get involved. So go ahead check out the section, and check out the cool pic in there ;-)   I've been waiting for a good occasion to use that pic.

Aug 11

I'll leave the Freeza Special a little longer..but be forewarned it could go down any minute. OH i got the mp3's in the sounds section working!!! and added the "I love Mr. Piccolo" song and "Dragon Power" the ending theme to movie 11.

Aug 3

The ENTIRE FREEZA SPECIAL is now 100% werking. Get it while it's there. Because in exactly 1 week from now it'll be gone...yes...i figure the freeza special's been up long enough. So GET IT QUICK!!!

July 31

Chapter 3 of the Bardock Story has been RELEASED!!! so if your one of the many who've been waiting for it. It's there. But it's another one of those "leave ya hanging" chapters. He says he's working on chapter 4 already though. Well Anyways go to the page to see it Bardock Story

July 29

Quick update. I am willing to "sell" advertising space. If you can get me 1 fansub tape i'll give you a week of your banner at the top of my page. I know it's kinda wierd, but i now get 900+ hits a day since i joined saiyanpride. And to some people get their banner on my page is worth something. So ya know. You want more details on it. E-Mail me . P.s. MUSIC VIDS IN MOVIE CLIPS SECTION!!!!

July 25

BE HAPPY!!! 2 new music vids RELEASED!!!!!!! well. unless your a member of my listbot(down below) then you've already seen one.  But the new one features a Blink182 song so if your into punk music thats one you'll HAVE to download. ALSO i got another new award so go to the info section to check it out. ALSO i'll probly be making my own award soon, i dunno why...i just wanna. BUT this is the last update for awhile unless necessary...probly a week till next update. Man you have no idea how hard it is to make an even "ok" music vid. least it's hard for me. I need a brake

July 21

Well an "Ok" update for newcomes to the site. I got some of the freeza clips werking again and they are on a new server same goes with music vids. the come out and play one im still werkin on....i've been trying to get it to work with ya know...enjoy what i got cause it might not last forever.

July 15

Alright all you fansubbers out there i got some news for you. Which i read about at Bardock Story. Funimation is planning on taking down ALL FANSUB SITES!!!!  not this is not a joke. They are planning on taking everyone down! If you have a fansub site. There is a chance you could be a prime target. Bardock Story set up an official message board for all fansubbers. It is also linked to in my message board area.

July 12

In case your wondering the FTP IS DOWN. why? because saiyanpride is my server provider. were still looking for people willing to donate. THANX TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE/HAVE!!!! Helping them helps me. TONS!!! if your willing to donate please e-mail me(free cd with dbz movies included to all who donate). Untill the new server is purchased i hope you enjoy my Info section my message boards my sounds section my links section maybe go buy yourself some fansubs. Tons of stuff in the info section. Oh and maybe join my listbot if i can get enough people join it. the less i'll have to update like this.

 July 9

READ THIS!!!!! Im selling a DBZ Action Figure for 17.20!!! It's a Goku figure from the japanese super battle collection. An original made by bandai and VERY rare....i won it on ebay and right now i just dont have the money to pay for it.....believe me if i did i would be buying this figure...cause it's so freaking rare so e-mail me if interested(seriously buyers only)!!! Also Saiyanpride is in need of some money for a new server so.....if your willing to donate some money contact me cause all donators will recieve a cd with all the dbz movies on it. and the more you donate the more you get!!!!! E-Mail me

July 6

Well this is not a huge update but more episode summaries and movie reviews ALOT more movie reviews have been added in the INFO know where to go. I've been told the ftp for the movie clips has been either really slow or just not really workin good just give it some time...dont download during high traffic hours try late at night etc. OH Yea ok now my friends at SaiyanPride are mad cause traffic has dropped after the link in the last post was taken down and at first i thought it was messing but im not sure....hhm.......GO TO SAIYANPRIDE I Almost forgot I won another award today!!! the awards section to view it.

June 29

Well Ok here's is whats happening today. I am now officially part of check out their site by clicking the banner on this page. Well i wanna tell you that most everything is working...mostly..heh... dont worry most of the freeza special downlaods are working and most of the music vid links. So have fun and please dont e-mail me and complain i am trying to get everything running

June 25

Well well well somehow  my account that held all the videos and music vids got deleted. NO WORRY THOUGH. i got enough money to purchase some webspace on a REAL server. So dont worry within 2 days it should all be werkin again.

June 23

Ok Added new Fanfic Today and Episode Summaries for episodes 183-186 i suggest you read them if you havent seen those eps which most of you havent since alot of you've only seen what cartoon network has. Remember I add stuff as i have time to write it. This stuff is all in the "Info" Area. Oh yea and for those of you looking for more movies to be added that wont happen for quite awhile. just turning the current files into realmedia takes long enough.

June 22

Award section added in the Info area. And im still looking for people to send in fanart and fanfics.

June 20

Well Old counter removed for GOOD!!! i was getting tired of it reseting on me and it was driving me nutz.....  IT KEPT BACK TRACKING ON ME!!! officially counting the many times it whent back on me... it shoulda been at 50,000 but it was only at 33,700 as of this moment i highly recomend all of you abandon linkexchanges counters... i am having the same problem with back tracking on some of my other websites and im tired of putting up with it. So if any of ya wanna see my official new (reset to 0) stats it's pretty easy just click the planet like link at the bottom of this page.

June 19

Another new Fan-Fiction added in the "info" area. Anybody else got some fan fiction? send it in.(im trying to make updates short and sweet too many people get confused by lots of words.....)

June 18

I added Reviews for Movie 5 and 6. Also summaries for episodes 35-37. OH AND I ADDED A FANFIC SECTION!!! only one so far. SO IF YOU HAVE SOME FAN FICTION SEND IT IN!!! the Fanfic section is in the "INFO" Area.

June 18

I added Reviews for Movie 5 and 6. Also summaries for episodes 35-37. OH AND I ADDED A FANFIC SECTION!!! only one so far. SO IF YOU HAVE SOME FAN FICTION SEND IT IN!!! the Fanfic section is in the "INFO" Area.

June 15

Well hello there again! and welcome to my site. I know i didnt update on saturday like i was supposed to but i was REALLY busy editing this site. What did i do? well i made a new section. Called the "Info" Section Why? cause i was told my site was all "quality" no "content" well...i'll do my best to prevent that. OH YEA!! i also got my own official DBZWARRIORS WINAMP SKIN!!!(in the info section) it took me forever to make and i think it's pretty good. The info section with Episode summaries Movie reviews etc. currently the selection of reading material in that section is very limitied but it will grow as i have time to write it all. OH YEA i'd like to tell you guys about a NEW SITE!!! it took these guys 3 MONTHS TO MAKE and took alota effort into their site it's called Saiyan Ki and in my opinion is a very excellently designed site. Now lets all give this site a Nice warm welcome to the DBZ community and check it out alright? hhmm...what elsse is new.... OH YEA im turning the DBZ clips into realmedia high quality streaming video. I turned the new drag movie that was 18 megs down to 5 MEGS!!! :-)    i'll post the realmedia as i encode them.

June 8

Betcha thought i'd never update huh? Welp i did and i got some news for you people. I made my own top list. This way it's fair!!! i will not allow cheaters and so there is no worry about people topping you on this list just because they cheated. So if you have a DBZ Site Join the DBZ Top 77. Why did i want 77 ? instead of something like Top 20 30 40 etc.? because i want to be original. Plus i think 77 is more catchy and more memorable. OH yea  like promised i added the last 3 freeza clips to the movies section. So download those, join my dbz top 77 list if you have a dbz site and Enjoy the week because i wont update till saturday at least.

May 29

Well since it is now Saturday. I wanted to be nice to you guys so i added 3 NEW FREEZA CLIPS IN THE FREEZA SPECIAL!!! yes which now brings the total to 18 clips there and still 3 more to go. Those will come out right after i get out of school probably which is the 7th of june i think. i'll be adding a new poll sometime in the next couple of days. It was pretty obvious from the votes of the other that you guys REALLY liked my DBZ music videos.  350 of you people voted for INCREDIBLE. 27 people....didnt like them at all? i wonder why? Rap fans probably. Im into punk rock so dont expect any rap music videos from me. You wanna see a rap music video? turn to MTV. seems like they got rap on all the time.

May 25

Hey again people. Welp i put the freeza clips on an xoom server....i dont usually resort to website servers but i need something for my freeza clips. and if it all goes well... i'll add more i got 7 more freeeza clips i havent put up yet. OH YEA by the way....not to be mean BUT DONT E-MAIL ASKING TO LINK TO YOUR PAGE IF YOU STOLE MY CLIPS WITHOUGHT EVEN ASKING!!!! im sorry i know i took clips from other sites...but i dont e-mail them and ask them to link to me. If you have asked and you are currently using my clips(i know several people have asked) then i dont really care's just some people are so ignorant these days........OH YEA AND WHOEVER CAN DOWNLOAD from the Xoom Server please e-mail me and tell me if it's working good or not

May 22

Special thanks goes to AcidRain For providing everyone to download from his ftp setup. It has a 5 user limit what does this mean? 5 people at a time can download during the day and 10 people at night. So dont get mad if you cant get in. AcidRain is providing for download site 1. Everyone E-mail him and thank him!

May 12

Sorry peeps i had to disable movie sections 1 and 2  but i kept the freeza special and the music video's section open.  SPECIAL THANKS TO DIABLO7877!!!  FOR PROVIDING A SECOND DOWNLOAD SITE FOR THE MUSIC VIDEOS!!!!! NOW FOR ALL OF YOU WHO HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO DOWNLOAD ANYTHING FOR THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS!!! YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO NOW!!!! e-mail DIABLO7877 and tell him how much you appreciate it

May 12

Whelp.....due to HUGE server slow down i've removed 9 movies from the movies section. If that doesnt clear up the problem...i'll continue to remove more. and more and more. Anyone who has a webserver or a webiste with some space they would let me use? BESIDES an xoom account....xoom accounts delete you after 75 megs..unless they can catch ya but they caught me twice.

May 8

WAHOO BIG NEWS!!!!  3 new DBZ music video's i made HAVE BEEN RELEASED!!!!!!!!! AND A NEW POLL!!!!! AND MY OLD COUNTER IS WORKING AGAIN!! even though it set me back a few hundred...500 exactly  OH WELL

May 4

HEHHEE i added 3 new freeza clips today due to a very large amount of requests for them. I just want to let you all know that i probably will soon go to an "all dbz music video" section instead of just putting a bunch of clips up. Although i'll keep up the freeza special all the other clips will go down soon probly so download them quickly.OH AND for some reason today my counter reset itself to like 1,600...i dont know why but it was at 18,200 last time a checked which was a couple of days ago so just for the record i wanna say that i set the counter at 18,000

May 1

Well a few things for you today folks. I dropped out of goku's top 20  why.....while it said they would take out cheater they never screw not gonna help that top 20's popularity. SOUND AND MP3 SECTION FIXED!!!  heh...i had to resort to using an xoom account but oh well they work dont they? hehehehe

April 29

I AM SIMPLY IN AWE!!!! THE OTHER DAY i got 3 more subbed tapes from Trunks's Fansubs I MUST SAY every dbz fan should get a copy of movies 7 and 8!!! they are VERY COOL mine came both on one tape. I also got eps 183-186(gohan goes ss2) and the Bardock Special(story of goku's father). ALL OF THESE WERE INCREDIBLE!  i've been buying alot of fansubs lately. And i encourage ALL of you to get some fansubs. i reccomend o you newcomers of fansubs to buy a movie set. not matter how eager you are to get them. it's better to get some movies your first time around. OH yea im working on the mp3 section problem and the sound section problem be patient

April 14

YES  in case you didnt getting my old server's slow real slow and it's only up about 75 percent...but at least 75 percent of the peopl will be able to download.  They are slowing going to work again. it'll take all night to upload all that crap. But this is still only a temporary solution.

April 11

WOW!!!! holy cow  i got online today only to find i had at least 200 e-mails. So i didnt respond to most of them. Because they pretty much were the same reason. "Connection Refused"  "icant download"   people i working on getting a second download site going. There are so many people have no clue how many people are downloading.  As my hoster described "a swarming mass of people" downloading. I'll be doing what i can today to get a second site up. Untill then if you still cant download anything Check out the new message Board Section.Or go read the some of the new Character Desc. Vegeta3920

April 9

WOW!!!! SOME COOL THINGS TODAY!!! Nyaao.Net gave me 500 MEGS FOR MY MOVIE CLIPS!!! THATS GREAT NEWS!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!!!  My site will get to continue having movie clips withought worry!!!    hmmm...what else? I ADDED 3 NEW FREEZA CLIPS!!   not only that's server is 10 to 20 times more reliable then the one the clips were previously on!!!!!  So almost gauranteed ability to download.   Oh yea. added a new header image to this page. i'll probly switch it back to the old one soon. i didnt realize the size of this one till a little late. Oh well.

April 5

ALRIGHT!!! NEW JOB OUT!!! I want a fansubs section.... WHY? well...cause not that many people have seen a whole lot of the series...  So if anyone out there has a good portion of the DBZ series please e-mail me. And i will let that person control that entire part of the site. And sell video's with episodes and movies for around 8 to10 bucks per tape.  People dont e-mail me if you have never done this before. It's prefferable if you already have a fansub selling site. So i can see what you've got and etc. ADDED 2 new FREEZA CLIPS!!! Also so check those out

April 3

Heh......well DONT GET MAD AT ME OK?!?! but i have to break my promise to get you more Goku vs. Freeza clips...well for at leaset another 2 days    why? i just DONT have upload so many files.....  HOWEVER  i added 4 movies to the 2nd MOVIES SECTION!!! and i wasnt gonna add them. but i had to do something to make up for not having the freeza clips like i said. So ENJOY THOSE!!!!

April 2

Ok  For all you people just about DYING over the fact that you've been waiting months...maybe even a year to see the freeza and goku fight...well guess what? I GOT IT  well. the good parts of it anyways LOL even GOKU GOING SUPER SAIYEN FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!(some of you have never seen that clip).   i got the first 4 clips of 20 or so up. I'll be adding more each day so CHECK BACK!!!! Im calling it my "Freeza Special" it too will also be up till the end of the the rest of my movie clips...will be gone because i will have no again i plead with anyone with a simplenet account please e-mail me.

March 31

YEA THIS SITE IS FULLY OPERATIONAL NOW!!!!  except the sound section which im working on. BUT!!! the movies section is 100% going!!! But...only for a month...i need some webspace really bad.... so if anyone out there has a simplenet account...and could offer me some space?(simplenet accounts have unlimited space) please e-mail me Untill then though ENJOY THE MOVIES!!!

March 23

YEA THIS SITE MOVED!!!!  This site wont have the downtime like the other one...bad thing though....i dont have enough space for my now all of you are limitied to just a couple on the second movies page. BUT NO WORRY THEY ARE ONES I HAVENT HAD BEFORE AND VERY COOL!!!  URGENT IF SOMEONE CAN OFFER ME 100 to 500 MEGS ON A SERVER OR A WEBPAGE OR SOMETHING!! ANYTHING PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!! IF SOMEONE DOESNT HELP THIS SITE SOON..... EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE Will be LIMITED  AND I MEAN ROYALLY!!  only a couple movies a month if someone doest help this site........

March 4

Well HELLO there again. Well. i feel generous since my birthday is coming up in 6 days here. So here is what im gonna do. To anyone who takes one of my site jobs. OTHER than character desc. I mean anyone who fills in those positions. I will give you an account and access to episodes 67-100 on my server. And a few other specials with it. I know some other people got those episodes. But it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get into them. Ftp's are always filled etc. Access to that part of the server is now only gonna be allowed to the "staff" and a few other rare people. ANYWAYS. i am gonna be adding some new movie clips soon. i got alot more. But some are huge. One is of Goku vs. Freeza. i edited a whole bunch of mpeg's of the gokuvsfreeza saga. And took the best parts. But it's 20 megs. Does that stuff even intrest you guys when the files are that big???? E-mail me and tell me. it would help alot. I like feedback.

February 26

I got the urge to update people. Just had to. For a good reason though. but not my normal reason. I recently got an e-mail from VegettoEX he has an absolute excelent webpage...for info....but i had gotten a disturbing e-mail from him....Saying that i...had stolen a bunch of sounds etc. from his page.....well i did not.. steal them knowingly...i had them on my hardrive for a verylong time. Anyways...he said i "stole" movies from many other people. You cant steal something that did not belong to them in the first place....Im sorry but lets say if i were to go out and rent a movie and make 60 copies and sell them. that doesnt give me the right to say i "own" them and if you make copies of that tape you are stealing........ However i greatly appreciate all the sites that made those movies. And if i have a movie that you made. E-mail me and i'll post credit to you somewhere on this page. Also i want to bring up another thing......someonthing i noticed VegettoEX does....which is make fun of newbies or people that dont know much about Dragonball Z. Check out what i mean while i understand some people make stupid comments i still havent made fun of someone for commenting on something that is completely....unsmart. This is not the way i operate. And i hope you agree with me. Although im sure some of you will disagree....feel free to e-mail me.

February 24

Well the second part of the Movies Section is now up with some pretty rare stuff and very large files. I've had alot of complaints about me taking the episodes down. But the truth is my server just couldnt handle that kind of overload. but tell you what if someone out there can offer me 500 megs on a t1 server. Or anything of this kinda please e-mail me because then i will upload the episodes to that server. And we can all have episodes again.

February 22

Welp...all Dont get mad at me...But thats..pretty much it. The episodes section is completely gone by request of Smash. One of the people who orignally helped with the making of the episodes. Dont get mad at him i was already planning on taking the episodes section down because people have been COMPLETELY disrespectful and overloaded myserver DOZENS of times. I might when i get my faster server in about 30 days on a t3 server maybe...will put it up a mirror site...maybe....untill then....i really hope you enjoy the still very large amount of multimedia on this site. I am currently uploading another 50 megs of video files.

February 21

Well it seems my Episode Section has proven VERY popular since i added it i get 20 e-mails a day. I love that.  OH by the way the Episode 68 Link FIXED! My episode section has been SOOO popular it's tied up my server several times... Just a warning everytime my server is overloaded i shut it down for awhile. Even if your downloading. So please before you download check to see how slow the server is running. in the next couple of days I will be adding the 2nd movie section with a new Mortal Kombat DBZ music video added(the final version) also with a couple of Special Clips that are VERY HARD TO FIND! Anywayz Visit my Episode Section


February 20

EPISODES!!! I GOT EPISODES!!!! HEHEHE I dont got the button for em yet. But i got all the episodes up to episode 98 on my server right now thats about 25 eps where CN left off!!!! HAHAHA THAT WILL KEEP YOU BUSY FOR AWHILE 400+ MEGS BUSIER!!!


I dont got a button for it yet but WHO CARES I GOT EPISODES!!! yea i know i love me LOL!!!!

February 17

HAHA let me gues you thought i stopped updating..HAHA YEA RIGHT!!!  i've been working on my new music video. With the Mortal Kombat theme!!!!!!!  Download IT it's about 6 megs. And Zipped. PLEASE E-MAIL ME! AND TELL ME WHETHER YOU THINK IT"S GOOD OR NOT!!! If it's not i'll take it off the server....ok? PLEASE CHECK IT OUT! and remember it's a very low quality one(wanted fast upload) CHECK IT OUT!!!!!


February 13

This is a small update and i just wanna say dont worry  new stuff is coming. I'm even uploading right now. Just had to reasure you guys.

February 12

Well, Well, Well....Not really new news except im working on uploading more movies! 35 more megs in fact. they will be available later. But Here is a bigger request CLICK ON THE BANNER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND JOIN!!!   It's a sponser thing and all you gotta do is Click and then join. it's actually kind of interesting i joined. IT WILL BIG TIME SUPPORT THIS SITE!!! i mean that litterally!!!!! So please if you donwload ANYTHIng form this site please join. Asian Friend Finder

February 9

 Congrats Jawarhala , was the 1000th visitor to this site and i hope he enjoyed his copy of Tree Of Might. I hope to be giving away more stuff eventually. maybe alot of stuff? not sure yet. Well anywayz, im going to be working on a new music video featuring the Mortal Kombat theme in the mean time. For those of you who downloaded my Dragula music video please e-mail me and tell me your thoughts on it. For those of you who havent had a chance to download it, it's in the movie section. I'll also soon be putting up some more clips in awhile of the Vegeta series thanx to a friend of mine. There is a link to his page in the movies section. I think thats it for now.

February 7

ALOT OF NEWS TODAY PEOPLE!!! ok here it goes 90 percent of you already know that Funimation is indeed making the new episodes and will be on this fall........thats the good for the  BAD news they are recasting the entire cast. Thats good for some characters....but what about PICCOLO!! that just sucks! he has an awesome voice and also Vegeta!   What else...The Contest is still on if your the 1000th person click and save the pic and send it in!  Also added is a Site jobs section. Which are a few jobs around the site that i need people other than myself to do. If you are interested click it on the sidebar.   AND IT WAS SO HIGHLY REQUESTED that I finally added the  "Rock the Dragon" movie that was shown before the movies etc. Once again thats in the movie section. And i hope you all enjoy it.   I think thats it for today.

February 4

HEY WOW!!!! This is COOL! This site has only been open for 20 days and over 700 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HERE!!! OK I'm giving away a prize to the first person who reaches 1000!! You will get a Vivo copy of the movie "Tree of Might"  it's not the greatest quality(similiar to real player format) but it's tollerable. The person who reaches the 1000 mark right click on the counter and save the pic and send it in!!!   No cheating people. I'll know if someone has cheated if i have more than 1 person sending in the pic! If this happens Nobody wins!!!! I'll also help you get a vivo player if you need one. Anywayz if your that 1000th person E-Mail Me!

January 27 1999

Hey, Ya know if your a real big Japanese fan or just like japanese anime, you'll probably like this. This guy will translate your name into japanese. My Name Danny is ("Deni"/De Ni) Click Here To Go To It! Anyways i'm going to let you guys sit on that for awhile. In the next 5 days. Something HUGE MASSIVE COLLOSAUL for you DBZ fans will be at this site. Think you know what it is.....Here is a wont have to wait for cartoon network to dub more episodes.

January 26 1999

Alright i have had SOOO many good comments about my graphics on my page. I've Decided something. If you have  Dragonball Z or any kind of Anime Webpage out there and would like me to make you a graphic or something. I will But in return all i want is a a text link on the top of your webpage. Very simple request.  Please E-mail me if you are interested. OH YEA  I still need some new pictures of DBZ Any kind of pic with a character in front of a white or black backround, it dont matter.

January 25 1999


January 23 1999

NEW Piccolo Sound Added Sent to Me By (Special Beam Cannon FIRE!) I added another new image graphic. Im sorry but i will probably make new graphics for this page alot! I love doing that kind of stuff. Hey just to make sure it's not it? i hope not. IF ANYBODY HAS ANY Transparent or pictures with a black or white backround of Dragonball Z Please Send them to me

<H.  I made the Bad Guys section much more detailed. The Good guys section is still not done yet. It will be when i have time though. I hope whoever has been here has enjoyed all the sounds and movies i have. Because i will have more. ALOT MORE!

-Danny Poo

January 17 1999

***Grand Opening***

Yea this site finally has good working links. I know there have been VERY few people who have come here so i hope there is more of a large amount of people who will come here in the next couple of weeks.  It's gonna take 2 weeks for the search engines to post my site. Which sux. Which means there will be a very small amount of people here.

Anyways This Site is all thanx to Planet Namek

January 15 1999

This is my First Update For this site. All I can say is that this site is still not Ready. The only thing ready yet is the links section and the F.A.Q. Section. All i Gotta Do now is Wait for my Hoster Planet Namek To set up my account so i can start uploading movies. I'm Going to Start Submitting this site to search engines so i can start getting hits. It should only take me a couple weeks to get into the hundreds. I Am Going to give away prizes at this site! Right now all i have to give though is The Entire Movie of "Tree Of Might" in Vivo. Which i "Will Give Away"  But as a prize.In a Day or two i will probably upload the gallery to my account. Not my Planet Namek One. I want that one for pure movies. I have ALOT OF MOVIES! Anyways PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE!